Pokemon Ruby Nuzlocke

Pokemon RubyI just finished my play through of Pokemon FireRed, so now I’m about to start a Nuzlocke run on Pokemon Ruby. I’ve never done a Nuzlocke before, so I am very excited. I have about 300 hours on Sapphire, so I think Ruby is a good choice for my first, since I’ve already played through this Gen.

Here is a list of popular Nuzlocke rules, but these are the rules I’m using:

  • If my Pokemon faints, I will permanently store it in my PC. This Pokemon will never be used again during the Nuzlocke run.
  • I can only catch the first Pokemon I encounter in each new area. If they faint or flee, I’m S.O.L.
  • If I see a shiny, I’m going to try and catch it.
    • I will not use this shiny in the Nuzlocke run, unless it’s the first Pokemon I encounter on that route.
    • If one of my Pokemon faints while trying to catch it, it will not count, and I will revive them (unless the shiny is the first encounter on the route).

I usually never play with Legendary Pokemon, however, if I have the opportunity to use one in my party, I will. They will certainly make my Nuzlocke run easier.

Wish me luck!


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