Slaughter in Fortree City

So, remember when I mentioned Winona wouldn’t be much of a problem? Well, she was. Here’s the recap…

Battle with Winona

I lead with Gmail, my Graveler, and took out her Swellow with a Rock Throw. Easy peasy.

Then, I switched out to Kool-Aid, my Kecleon, to face her Pelipper. I thought this would be a good match up because Kool-Aid has high special defense, and Gmail is 4x weak to water, on top of having absolutely no special defense. He would be a sitting duck if I left him out there. So, after a Screech and a Slash from Kool-Aid, I took Pelipper down and only took minimal damage, myself.

Next, she sent out Skarmory. Ooooh, what a bitch. I sent out Token, my Torkoal, and it was a close match. Skarm’s Sand-Attack and Agility was pretty useless, because Token has the Keen-Eye ability, and is already slow as fuck. I also have super high defense, so his Aerial Ace and Steel Wing did small bits of damage. I used a Smokescreen on the first turn (not knowing he had Ace), and it helped stall him a little when he tried to use his other moves. My ember slowly took damage off of him, and eventually burned it. That sealed its fate. Winona used a hyper potion, but it only stalled the inevitable. I had to use a few super potions myself, because of Skarm’s chipping away at me, but eventually, it went down.

Pissed Off Altaria

Winona wasn’t fucking around anymore. She sent out her Altaria.

I switched in my Gmail thinking I’d kill it with some Rock Throws and be able to take its hits, but I forgot that Dragon was special (stupid of me. I knew that, but wasn’t thinking until it was too late). The first attack was a crit Dragon Breath. Gmail went down like the NASDAQ.

This immediately upset me. Gmail had been one of my most reliable Pokemon for the last half of my journey. The rest of my team was under leveled, and I had to think hard about what to do next.

I sent out Chirp, my Swellow, hoping to make myself hard to hit. I got a Double Team off and kept stalling by using Super Potions and Soda Pop after each Dragon Breath, (I also got paralyzed on the first Dragon Breath). Altaria finally missed, so I got to use a paralyze heal, then managed to get another Double Team and a Focus Energy up. Altaria kept using Dragon Dances, then it finally attacked with Aerial Ace! I didn’t know it had this attack, so those Double Teams were pretty much useless. Chirp went down right away. All I managed was to hit it with one Quick Attack in about 10 turns.

Now I was in real trouble. It was time for drastic measures.

I sent out Portabella, my Breloom, who is 4x weak to flying. It was a sacrifice mission. If I could get a Stun Spore to hit, and then maybe a Leech Seed, the battle could swing in my favor, and hopefully, there will be no more casualties (besides Portabella, of course).

Altaria would have to Dance again for my plan to work.

It used Aerial Ace and took me out instantly, and I wasn’t able to get off a single move!

BUT… Portabella had the Effect Spore ability, and Altaria became Paralyzed, rendering all those Dragon Dances useless!

I wasn’t out of this yet, though.

I sent out Kool-Aid and Screeched, and Altaria’s defense was greatly reduced. Now, if Kool-Aid died, at least someone could come in and hit it hard to take it out. But Alteria used Dragon Dance! Kool-Aid then used Slash for the finishing blow.

Winona was defeated.

Pokemon Tower

See ya in Lavender Town.

I lost three good bros in that battle, and Portabella’s death was not in vain. Her sacrifice may have well saved the entire team.

Rest in Peace, Portabella.


This was one of the most intense battle I have ever had. Watching my Pokemon die, knowing that I will no longer be able to use them, and the thought that I could lose my whole team, made the suspense go through the roof.

This is what Nuzlocke is all about.

This victory was also a loss and a learning experience. Now, I’m going to train harder, think about every move I make, and be more prepared overall.

Onward to Route 120!


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