Tate and Liza get PWND and Personal Revelations

Tate & Liza PWND

My Gym “Challenge” in Mossdeep City, against Tate & Liza, was anything but challenging. It was a double battle against a Lunatone and a Solrock, so it should have been at least a little challenging, but it wasn’t. I swept the floor with them. It may have been easy, but I came away with an important realization, which I will tell you about in a moment. First, here’s what went down in the gym:

Kool-Aid (my Kecleon) lead with a Faint Attack on Solrock, since it had the lower Special Defense of the two, and took off about one third of its HP. Lunatone used Hypnosis but misses, and Solrock used Psychic on Kool-Aid (but only does about 20 damage). Ending the turn, Evil Tooth (my Dusclops) Shadow Punched Lunatone, doing about 75% damage.

On the next round of attacks, Kool-Aid finished off the Lunatone with a Faint Attack, Solrock used Sunny Day, and Evil Tooth hit the opponent with Confuse Ray.

The Sunny Day worried me a little bit; because I didn’t want Solrock to use Solar Beam on Kool-Aid (which would make it a Grass type), and then use Flamethrower the next turn. This was my only concern with the battle. I hoped that I could kill my opponent before this happened.

Because I knew Solrock had high defense, I changed things up a bit. Kool-Aid let out a deafening Screech, which lowered Solrock’s defense by two stages. If I can hit with a Shadow Punch, I would win the match. Solrock tried to attack, but hurt itself in its confusion, which allowed Evil Tooth to deliver the final blow.

The battle was over.

Evil Kool-Aid

This was by far one of the easiest battles yet, and here’s why:

I looked up the gym leader on Bulbapedia.

Because of this, I knew what Pokemon they had, and even the moves of each Pokemon. This allowed me to prepare, and I was able to develop a strategy to counter everything they had.

After the battle, I realized that I shouldn’t have done this. It was way too easy! The whole point of the Nuzlocke challenge, in my opinion, is to make the game harder and more interesting. If I hadn’t “cheated”, I probably would have had a more difficult time defeating Tate and Liza, and probably would have lost a Bro in the process.

You know what? I’d take that over a cheap victory, which is what this was.

From now on, no more cheating. I’m going blind the whole way.

Blind Run

"Of course I run my Nuzlocke blind, bitch!"


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