My First Shiny Pokemon

Shiny Dratini

Image Credit: Gilbertman


If you haven’t been keeping up with this blog (shame on you), then you did not hear the news.

I got my first shiny Pokemon, ever!

I was breeding a DW Dratini (that I received from The Chaos Tradeshop, btw), hoping to get a decent one for the upcoming Spring Friendly and Striaton Challenge. On the tenth egg, lo and behold, a shiny Dratini! I was totally shocked!

I think I might of accidentally killed a shiny when I first got Sapphire, many, many years ago, but that was  before I even knew what a shiny was. So, I’ve spent the last ten years of my life playing Pokemon and never finding a single shiny. I guess time is catching up with me, and now they’ll be sprouting up all over the place!

Shiny Dratini GifShiny Dragonair GifShiny Dragonite Gif

The Dratini has pretty good IVs and a good nature, but it doesn’t have the Dream World ability, Multiscale. So, as cool as it is, I am unable to have it on my team.

Oh, well. It’s still awesome, and I’m going to keep it forever!

What shinies do you have!? How’d you find them!?


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