Bring on the Elite Four!

Hoenn Map

After grinding my balls off for longer than I could keep track of, I finally said “Enough!”… it’s time for the Elite Four!

So there I went, through that sacred doorway. There’s no turning back now!


First Battle – Sidney

Elite Four Sidney

As you know, I’m running blind, so I figured from the look of the room and Sidney’s appearance that he may have Ground types. I lead with Olimar, who has amazing HP and a decent Hydro Pump. These Ground types will be easy!

Out comes Mightyena… he’s a Dark trainer.


Still, I’m way over-leveled, so I easily take it out with two Sparks (yes, I forgot to teach him T-Bolt. I’m really risking things here).

Next, I use a combination of Nimbus and Kool-Aid to take out the rest of his team. Cacturn, Sharpedo, and Absol went down without a fight, and Shiftry pulled off a Double Team, but I still got the OHKO. What a weak dick.

Onto the next one!

Second Battle – Phoebe

Elite Four Phoebe

I had no clue what type she was rollin’, so I sent out my Normal type, Kool-Aid. Turns out she has Ghosts! This was a great move, because Kool-Aid can’t get hit by Ghost moves, PLUS, he knows Faint Attack (a Dark move).

I proceed to destroy her team. I had to use my Yellow Flute a couple of times to cure my confusion, but that’s about all the excitement that happened.

I got bored in the middle, so I sent out Louie to do a few Earthquakes. He easily kills a Sableye and Dusclops. To finish, I sent out Kool-Aid and 2HKO her Bannette.

Sorry, girl. Don’t mess with my Kool-Aid!

Third Battle – Glacia

Elite Four GlaciaI assumed this bitch was full of Water and Ice types, so I lead with Olimar again. This time, my assumption (and memory from 2005) was correct.

Finally, a match that gave me a little challenge. It wasn’t much, but it was something.

I managed to get through her first four Pokemon with about 1/2 my HP left, and then she sends out Walrein; her last hope.

I use my first Full Restore of the Elite Four Challenge, and Walrein Body Slams me and gets Paralysis! I use a Paralyze Heal on my next turn and he Body Slams me again. I get off a Confuse Ray and hope for some self-inflicted damage. Nope! Another Body Slam, and I’m below half my health. I use another Full Restore and he gets another Body Slam while confused!

WTF! He gets the Parahax, but I can’t get the Confusionhax?

Anyways, I use Spark which does  puts him in the red, but he has a Sitrus Berry! His HP goes back up and, while confused I might add, gets off a third Body Slam. I Spark him again and his health gets down in the red. This is where Karma comes in…

I finally catch a break, and he KOs himself the next turn! Take THAT Walrein, ya fuckin’ bitch!

So far, so good…

Cool Squirtle

“Scott, you’re too cool for school.”

Three down, one to go (not counting the Champion). So far, the Elite Four has been pretty uneventful, and honestly, rather easy. Most of my guys are around level 60, so the difficulty should be getting harder soon. Also, I remember there is a Salamence and Metagross coming up soon, which could be troublesome.

Stay tuned for my next entry!


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