Why Do Jerks Disconnect from Wifi Pokemon Battles When They’re Losing?

Pokemon Rage Quit

So, I was just battling a guy in the Spring Friendly tournament, and it was a pretty good match. Probably the 2nd best match I’ve played so far. I’m running a rain team (spoiler alert!), and so was this guy. It was the first Rain on Rain battle I’ve had.

It was a very close match, with him taking the early lead, but it evened out quickly. I managed to take the lead, but he still had a chance.

This is when I got the advantage.

I took out his Thunderus, and locked his Whiscash into a Dragon Dance by using Encore. Now, it was 3 on 1, and all he could do was sit there and pull off SD after SD.

The game was mine.

Then the jerk disconnects! What an asshole! He could have at least forfeited.

I don’t understand why people do this. You may have skill at battling, but you definitely have zero sportsmanship. Take it like a professional and just lose the goddamn match. Don’t quit like some little bitch so that I can’t get the win. You’re the kind of person that makes me not want to play competitively anymore (and I’m sure countless other people feel this way too).

So, do me a favor. If you’re going to act like a bitch, don’t even play. You’re poisoning the metagame, and making the community look like assholes. If you’re going to man up, and accept the loss (after a very very close battle, I might add), then cool. I will respect you and hope to battle you again. This builds character, and you can only grow wiser from it.

Leave a comment on where you stand on the matter.


Tournament Training: Spring Friendly and Striaton Challenge

Written 5-2-2012

This pic has nothing to do with this post, but it’s freakin’ sweet.

So, I’ve spent the last couple days preparing for some Pokemon tournaments this month: the Nintendo Wifi Spring Friendly and Striaton Radio Podcast’s Striaton Challenge. Both are double-battle formats, and I’m hoping to run a new team.

I’ve been trading and breeding like crazy this week, and I hope to get my team together and tested a little before the tournaments start.

So far, I’ve got half the team bred, but not EV trained. I’m working on the other half now, so I think I’ll have it ready within the next few days. I have until May 9th to register for both.

I’ll give out more info on my team after the tournaments have ended, since I don’t want anyone to know my strategy ahead of time, so stay tuned for that. It’s a strategy I toyed with in Gen III a little, and I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time now.

Wish me luck!

-Update-  5-4-2012

I hatched a shiny Dratini while breeding! This is my first shiny ever! I’ll write more about it later. It doesn’t have the ability I want, so I won’t have it on my team, but it’s still awesome! Thanks @chaostradeshop for essentially trading me the mother!

Besides that, I’m EV training the team now.

More later!

Wally Blocks My Path to the Elite Four, and Pays the Price

Wally from Pokemon

“I know you have no PP after going through that cave, but let’s battle!”

Last time I updated, I was preparing to battle Wallace at the Sootoplis City gym. Well, in preparation, I trained Kool-Aid (Kecleon), Evil Tooth (Duskull), and my new Bro extraordinaire, Olimar (Lanturn) to level 50, and we easily defeated him. His Milotic was annoying, but wasn’t a problem.

After that, I moved on to Victory Road, everyone’s favorite route. With countless uses of HMs, and high level pokemon using Whirlwind, what’s not to love?!

The best part is, when you finally get to the end, you’re worn and battered team has to fight a random battle against that little brat, Wally (ok, I actually love Wally, but still!).

Even though I was weakened from the trek through the cave, I still managed to mop the floor with his spikey-headed face.

I had the pilot episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on in the background during this battle.

Gordon Ramsay Chooses You

“I choose you, you fucking wanker!”

Not sure what that has to do with anything, but I’m sure it summoned some kind of inner strength.

So, now I am currently grinding all of my Pokemon in preparation for the Elite Four. If you read my last post, you know that I’m running blind. I’ve played Sapphire before, and I know that the Elite Four is kind of similar from game to game, so I’m pretty sure I know what I’m in for, but I don’t want to go in underleveled. If I do that, I’m finished.

I do not want that to happen.

So, next time you hear from me, I’ll either be headed into the Elite Four, or filling you in with a battle report.

Stay tuned!

Tate and Liza get PWND and Personal Revelations

Tate & Liza PWND

My Gym “Challenge” in Mossdeep City, against Tate & Liza, was anything but challenging. It was a double battle against a Lunatone and a Solrock, so it should have been at least a little challenging, but it wasn’t. I swept the floor with them. It may have been easy, but I came away with an important realization, which I will tell you about in a moment. First, here’s what went down in the gym:

Kool-Aid (my Kecleon) lead with a Faint Attack on Solrock, since it had the lower Special Defense of the two, and took off about one third of its HP. Lunatone used Hypnosis but misses, and Solrock used Psychic on Kool-Aid (but only does about 20 damage). Ending the turn, Evil Tooth (my Dusclops) Shadow Punched Lunatone, doing about 75% damage.

On the next round of attacks, Kool-Aid finished off the Lunatone with a Faint Attack, Solrock used Sunny Day, and Evil Tooth hit the opponent with Confuse Ray.

The Sunny Day worried me a little bit; because I didn’t want Solrock to use Solar Beam on Kool-Aid (which would make it a Grass type), and then use Flamethrower the next turn. This was my only concern with the battle. I hoped that I could kill my opponent before this happened.

Because I knew Solrock had high defense, I changed things up a bit. Kool-Aid let out a deafening Screech, which lowered Solrock’s defense by two stages. If I can hit with a Shadow Punch, I would win the match. Solrock tried to attack, but hurt itself in its confusion, which allowed Evil Tooth to deliver the final blow.

The battle was over.

Evil Kool-Aid

This was by far one of the easiest battles yet, and here’s why:

I looked up the gym leader on Bulbapedia.

Because of this, I knew what Pokemon they had, and even the moves of each Pokemon. This allowed me to prepare, and I was able to develop a strategy to counter everything they had.

After the battle, I realized that I shouldn’t have done this. It was way too easy! The whole point of the Nuzlocke challenge, in my opinion, is to make the game harder and more interesting. If I hadn’t “cheated”, I probably would have had a more difficult time defeating Tate and Liza, and probably would have lost a Bro in the process.

You know what? I’d take that over a cheap victory, which is what this was.

From now on, no more cheating. I’m going blind the whole way.

Blind Run

"Of course I run my Nuzlocke blind, bitch!"

Dark Shark Rage Quit

Motherfuggin' SharpedoYes, I did rage quit. Yes, I was pissed. So, I’m going to make things right. First, let me tell you what happened.

My son was being a brat all morning, and I was getting really frustrated with him. He started to watch TV and mellow out a bit, so of course I, being the Pokefreak I am, decided to try to play some of my Ruby Nuzlocke while he was distracted.

I had just received the Super Rod in Mossdeep City, and thought a Carvanha would make a great addition to my team, so I started fishing.

Meanwhile, my son continues to terrorize.

I toss my rod into the ocean and, what’s on the other end? No, not a Carvanha, but a Sharpedo! Holy shit! It was level 38, and my Gloom, Sprout, was only level 37. I figured I could put it to sleep, attack it once, then catch it.

I was wrong.

Its first attack was Crunch, which took out almost half my health. I didn’t care though, because he’d be asleep in a moment, then I could use Moonlight.


Sleep Powder missed!

I was pretty pissed about that, so I tried using Sleep Powder again. The bastard was faster than me, so it went first. It used Slash. “Good”, I thought. It’s less base power than Crunch, and no STAB. I should survive this, and everything will be fine.


Critical hit!

Sprout went down.

I was so pissed. I had just spent the last hour or two grinding that ‘Mon! I was trying to get to level 47 to learn Giga Drain before I used th Sun Stone to get Bellossom. Now, all of my grinding and rare candies were wasted! Also, my son had pushed me to the brink, and I did something I shouldn’t have.

I turned off the power.

Ivan Drago's #1 Nuzlocke Rule

Ivan Drago's #1 Nuzlocke Rule

This is against the spirit of the Nuzlocke. There are no do-overs. There are no retries. If your Pokemon dies, it dies.

I was in such a rage, that I wasn’t thinking, and turned the power off. I just couldn’t deal with it at the moment. It was the wrong thing to do.

So, to make amends, I have put Sprout into my “Dead” PC box. He is no longer with me, because I was stupid, and was not completely focused on my Nuzlocke. This happened to me once before, when I was trying to play with my son being a monster. I should have learned my lesson then, but I’ve definitely learned it now.

Anyways, Sprout is dead, and I didn’t get a Sharpedo (or even the experience points from killing it!). It’s a total waste, but hey, I guess that’s my punishment for acting like a two-year old (ie. my son haha).

Sprout’s replacement is Evil Tooth, the Duskull. I’m confident he’ll make a good addition to the team.

Anyways, I am now preparing for the Mossdeep gym. I think I’m going to us Kool-Aid and Stachmo, my Kecleon and Linoone. They’ve been very reliable, and have good Special Defense stats. I might also train Evil Tooth. He’s a defensive beast when evolved. 

Either way, I’m definitely going to grind a little more. Don’t want a repeat of Fortree City.

My Ranking in the 2012 International Pokemon Challenge

2012 International Challenge Logo

As you may or may not know, the 2012 International Wifi Challenge happened between March 22nd and March 26th. The format was Double Battle, and it followed standard Nintendo tournament rules. Nine thousand and twenty players from around the world entered the tournament, and after nearly two weeks of waiting, the rankings are in.

So, where did I place?

My Ranking in the 2012 International Challenge

Four thousand seven hundred and forty fifth. That means I fell in the 53rd percentile! Top half, baby!

Not too bad, considering this was my first tournament ever, and – besides playing one match over wifi, and one match on Pokemon Online – my first taste of competitive, player versus player, battling.

I didn’t even really prepare a team, because I was too busy to start from scratch, so I just used a modified version of my old Battle Tower team. Flygon is actually from my Sapphire team, and Bronzong is from my Diamond team. I had to retrain Bronzong’s EVs, because I realized I had done it wrong. Here’s the team I used:

My 2012 International Challenge Team

I put Tyranitar and Heatran in my battle box just to throw people off, but I didn’t use them. The only decision I made during the Team Preview screen was whether to send out Flygon or Sigilyph with my Bronzong.

Generally, I would set up screens and rocks with Bronzong, and sweep with Flygon or Sigilyph. Snorlax was there to wall if I needed it (he saved me a couple of times).

I think people were surprised to see my Bronzong setting up screens, since it’s not very common in the metagame at the moment. Only one person ran Brick Break, and he kicked my ass. Hard.

 Most of the teams I faced seemed to run pretty standard Pokes – Infernape, Garchomp, Hydreigon – but there were a few people who had creative teams. Those were the fun matches.

Damn Right I Used Garchomp

Surprised to see me? Noob!

I understand that everyone uses these Pokemon because they are very good, and if you want to win, you have to use what’s good. But come on! Let’s see some creativity, people.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the results of the tournament. I may have a losing record, but I am very satisfied with the results. I didn’t expect to do very well, since I didn’t prepare much, and have never entered a tourney before, but the results are very satisfying. It’s nice to know that my hodge-podge team was able to hold it’s own on quite a few occasions.

Slaughter in Fortree City

So, remember when I mentioned Winona wouldn’t be much of a problem? Well, she was. Here’s the recap…

Battle with Winona

I lead with Gmail, my Graveler, and took out her Swellow with a Rock Throw. Easy peasy.

Then, I switched out to Kool-Aid, my Kecleon, to face her Pelipper. I thought this would be a good match up because Kool-Aid has high special defense, and Gmail is 4x weak to water, on top of having absolutely no special defense. He would be a sitting duck if I left him out there. So, after a Screech and a Slash from Kool-Aid, I took Pelipper down and only took minimal damage, myself.

Next, she sent out Skarmory. Ooooh, what a bitch. I sent out Token, my Torkoal, and it was a close match. Skarm’s Sand-Attack and Agility was pretty useless, because Token has the Keen-Eye ability, and is already slow as fuck. I also have super high defense, so his Aerial Ace and Steel Wing did small bits of damage. I used a Smokescreen on the first turn (not knowing he had Ace), and it helped stall him a little when he tried to use his other moves. My ember slowly took damage off of him, and eventually burned it. That sealed its fate. Winona used a hyper potion, but it only stalled the inevitable. I had to use a few super potions myself, because of Skarm’s chipping away at me, but eventually, it went down.

Pissed Off Altaria

Winona wasn’t fucking around anymore. She sent out her Altaria.

I switched in my Gmail thinking I’d kill it with some Rock Throws and be able to take its hits, but I forgot that Dragon was special (stupid of me. I knew that, but wasn’t thinking until it was too late). The first attack was a crit Dragon Breath. Gmail went down like the NASDAQ.

This immediately upset me. Gmail had been one of my most reliable Pokemon for the last half of my journey. The rest of my team was under leveled, and I had to think hard about what to do next.

I sent out Chirp, my Swellow, hoping to make myself hard to hit. I got a Double Team off and kept stalling by using Super Potions and Soda Pop after each Dragon Breath, (I also got paralyzed on the first Dragon Breath). Altaria finally missed, so I got to use a paralyze heal, then managed to get another Double Team and a Focus Energy up. Altaria kept using Dragon Dances, then it finally attacked with Aerial Ace! I didn’t know it had this attack, so those Double Teams were pretty much useless. Chirp went down right away. All I managed was to hit it with one Quick Attack in about 10 turns.

Now I was in real trouble. It was time for drastic measures.

I sent out Portabella, my Breloom, who is 4x weak to flying. It was a sacrifice mission. If I could get a Stun Spore to hit, and then maybe a Leech Seed, the battle could swing in my favor, and hopefully, there will be no more casualties (besides Portabella, of course).

Altaria would have to Dance again for my plan to work.

It used Aerial Ace and took me out instantly, and I wasn’t able to get off a single move!

BUT… Portabella had the Effect Spore ability, and Altaria became Paralyzed, rendering all those Dragon Dances useless!

I wasn’t out of this yet, though.

I sent out Kool-Aid and Screeched, and Altaria’s defense was greatly reduced. Now, if Kool-Aid died, at least someone could come in and hit it hard to take it out. But Alteria used Dragon Dance! Kool-Aid then used Slash for the finishing blow.

Winona was defeated.

Pokemon Tower

See ya in Lavender Town.

I lost three good bros in that battle, and Portabella’s death was not in vain. Her sacrifice may have well saved the entire team.

Rest in Peace, Portabella.


This was one of the most intense battle I have ever had. Watching my Pokemon die, knowing that I will no longer be able to use them, and the thought that I could lose my whole team, made the suspense go through the roof.

This is what Nuzlocke is all about.

This victory was also a loss and a learning experience. Now, I’m going to train harder, think about every move I make, and be more prepared overall.

Onward to Route 120!