If you know me, you know that I will not accept any hacked Pokemon. I only want legitimately caught Pokemon.

No ActionReplay- No Problems

If you are interested in making a trade not involving what is on this page, let me know. I’m pretty much open to anything reasonable.

Looking for…

I need these Mythical Pokemon to complete my Dex:
Mew, Celebi, Deoxys, Phione, Manaphy, and Shaymin.
If you have one to spare, I’d appreciate it!

Lileep/Cradily (DW)

  • CradilyAbility – Storm Drain (DW)
  • Moves – Giga Drain (DW)
  • Nature – Bold, but will consider Calm. Will also consider other natures.
  • Sex – Female, but will take a Male.
  • IVs – Any. The higher, the better.

Tangela/Tangrowth (DW)

  • TangelaAbility – Regenerator (DW)
  • Moves – Any
  • Nature – Any
  • Sex – Female
  • IVs – Any. The higher, the better.

Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard (DW)

  • CharizardAbility – Solar Power (DW)
  • Moves – Any
  • Nature – Any
  • Sex – Female
  • IVs – Any. The higher, the better.

Up for Trade…

I have 546 different Pokemon. If you don’t see something listed, just ask! I will be happy to trade with you.

Most of these are female Dream World Pokemon, but maybe not all of them. If a Dream World Pokemon is male, I will list it, otherwise, it’s female. If it is not a Dream World Pokemon, it will not have “(DW)” next to it.

  • Abra (DW)
  • Burmy (DW)
  • Croagunk (DW)
  • Drifloon (DW)
  • Drowzee (DW)
  • Electrike (DW)
  • Exeggcute (DW)
  • Finneon (DW)
  • Goldeen (DW)
  • Groudon – 2x
  • Illumise (DW)
  • Larvitar (DW)
  • Ledyba (DW)
  • Lickitung (DW)
  • Machop (DW)
  • Mantine (DW)
  • Mareep (DW)
  • Marill (DW)
  • Mawile (DW)
  • Meditite (DW)
  • Mr. Mime (DW)
  • Natu (DW)
  • Oddish (DW)
  • Phanpy (DW)
  • Pidgey (DW)
  • Poochyena (DW)
  • Relicanth (DW)
  • Sableye (DW)
  • Shuppet (DW)
  • Smoochum (DW)
  • Spinarak (DW)
  • Spoink (DW)
  • Stunky (DW)
  • Taillow (DW)
  • Tropius (DW)
  • Tyrouge (DW) Male
  • Volbeat (DW)
  • Zigzagoon (DW)

I have a few more, but will update the list later with Nature, Moves, and IVs (if I know what they are). Stay tuned…


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