Nuzlocke Complete: An Anticlimactic Finish to a Climactic Challenge

That’s right, folks… the Ruby Nuzlocke has ended! So, did I get a taste of sweet, sweet glory, or did I get a taste of Metagross’ metal ass? Well, read on to find out already!

Steven StoneLast time I left you, my team had been seriously beaten to a pulp. I lost Evil Tooth and Louie in an epic battle against Salamence. I nearly lost the rest of my team, but superbro Olimar (Lanturn) saved the day. Now, only one more challenge remains: Steven, the Pokemon League Champion!

I decided to lead with Olimar. He hasn’t failed me yet, and has gotten me out of more than a few jams. Since I’m running blind, I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that he had a Metagross on his team. My plan was to use as many X items as I could, and then sweep his team. Lanturn was pretty much the only member of my team who could hit Metagross (for neutral damage, even), so I need him to last forever. I figured, pump him with steroids, and mow down the opposition.

Out first comes Skarmory. It’s my lucky day. I could totally power up while taking his hits.

So, to make a long story short, I proceed to use X items and Full Restore while he used some Toxics and Aerial Aces. Once I have my Special Attack, Speed, and Defense at +6, I proceed to sweep. One Thunderbolt is all it took.

Next, came Aggron, which went down with a Waterfall, but then came Metagross… the only ‘mon I truly feared. Even with +6, I was still worried.

I shouldn’t have been, because a Tbolt to the face killed the mother trucker.

Next, was Cradily, Claydol, and Armoldo, which I Waterfalled into oblivion.

I was the Champion!

Congrats, Scott!

Congrats, Scott!


So, I guess that’s it!

It wasn’t the most climactic of endings, but hell, I just successfully completed my very first Nuzlocke! Awesome!

I think next time I’ll ban the use of X-items, because it took the challenge away at the end. I wonder if I could have actually defeated Steven without them. Who knows.

Up next, I think I’m going to play through Soul Silver. I haven’t played either of the Johto remakes, so it will not be a Nuzlocke. I will, however; post updates. And I’ll be getting Black 2 when it comes out, so I’ll post about that, as well.

I’ll probably do a post recapping this Ruby Nuzlock. It will give me perspective, and I wouldn’t mind reliving some of those moments!

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you continue to follow my Pokemon adventures!

Pokemon Party


The Wrath of Salamence

Last time, I tore my way through the first three members of the Elite Four. Sidney, Phoebe, and Glacia put up little fight, and I managed to come away unscathed.

Now, I’m up against Drake, the fourth and final member of the Elite Four. Typically, the final member is the toughest, and uses powerful Dragon types to overpower your team. Will Drake get the best of me, or will I find the will to survive? Read on to find out.

Drake Elite FourI decided to lead with Nimbus, my Altaria – Dragon on Dragon. I was going to hit them hard, and hit them fast. That was my plan, at least. On my first move, I used an X-Special, and his Shelgon used Dragon Breath for about 1/3 damage on my Pokemon. I managed to take it out on the next turn with a Dragon Breath OHKO.

Next, he sent out his Altaria. I get off a Dragon Breath and it pulls a Dragon Dance. Obviously, it Full Restores the next turn, and I get two Dragon Breaths off for the KO.

Next is Flygon (one of my favorite Pokemon).

With base 100 speed, Flygon out-sped me. He gets off a Dragon Breath and paralyzes Nimbus! This isn’t good: I’m below half health and paralyzed! But luck was on my side, and I managed to get off a Dragon Breath for a OHKO!

He sends out another Flygon, and I use a Full Restore on my first turn. He Dragon Breaths me for another paralysis, which really pissed me off. Two times in a row? WTF? Anyways, I used a Full Restore again, and he manages to get off two Sand-Attacks. Finally, I hit him with a Dragon Breath for the OHKO.

Now, it’s time for the final Pokemon: Salamence.


Fuck this guy.

I’ve been worrying about him from the start. ‘Mence is one of the most feared dragons out there, and he could easily destroy my team if I’m not careful. Since Nimbus had its accuracy lowered by two stages, I decided to withdraw her, and send out Evil Tooth. He’s a defensive boss! He can take a hit, right?

Well, right, but a Pokemon is only as good as its trainer.

He gets off a Crunch, which takes off about 40% of my health, and I managed to get a burn with Will-O-Wisp. Take, that, DUDE.

Instead of using a Full Restore, I try to get a Confuse Ray off. Another Crunch should leave me with about 20% of my health, and I can Full Restore on the next turn. Big mistake. He gets a Critical Hit, and Evil Tooth goes down! Now, because I didn’t play it safe, I lost one of my best bros! What am I going to do now?

Send out Nimbus, that’s what.

I get hit with a Dragon Breath which does almost half to me, but I manage to take it down to the red with a Dragon Breath of my own. After burn damage, it probably had about 10 HP left! I was so close!

It was holding a Sitrus berry, so it restores some health and we both Full Restored our next turn. So, now Salamence is at full health again, and is no longer burned. This is just great!

After a few back and forth Dragon Claws and Dragon Breaths, I switch out Nimbus for Kool-Aid, my Kecleon. His Dragon Claw does about 20% damange (not much), so I felt pretty confident. Too bad I forgot I was now Dragon Type because of my Color Change ability! His next Dragon Claw almost knocked me out! My Screech manages to hit ‘Mence, greatly reducing its Defense stat. I decide it’s best to take Kool-Aid out of there.

I send out Louie, hoping to get off a powerful Slash, since it has weakened defense now. His Dragon Claw does almost half my health in damage, and then he Flamethrowers me almost for the kill on the next turn. The sunlight I brought with me is working against me! Also, Slash didn’t even take off half it’s HP. I Full Restore, and he gets off a Crunch and another Flame Thrower, which burns Louis’ big red ass! My Bulk-Up is pulled off, but it looks like a futile attempt. I have to Full Restore again, and he does another Crunch/Flamethrower 1-2 punch, this time, with a Critical Hit Flamethrower!

Louie is dead.

Groudon PWND

FUUUUCKK!! That’s two down! Now what?

In comes Olimar, ruler of the deep. I take a Dragon Claw, but manage to get off the Confuse Ray. On the next turn, he hits himself in the confusion – finally, something working in my favor – and with this free turn, I get a Critical Hit with Spark… for the knock out!

Salamence is dead!

In retrospect, I should have used a few more X-Specials on Nimbus, and another Dragon Dance. I would have dominated his team if I had done so , but alas, I had not. Evil Tooth and Louie made the ultimate sacrifice.

Now, I’m about to face the Champion. It’ll be 4 on 6, and it will be tough. I remember that he has Metagross, and I’m not sure how I’ll tackle that problem. I was going to use some STAB Earthquakes from Louie, but that is no longer an option.

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!

Lanturn FTW